Social Skills

We will help children become responsible, social beings through various activities and real life experiences. We help the child to improve……

Self-confidence and self-awareness

Manage feelings and behaviour

Build and strengthen relationships

Public speaking and Role Play

Structured Circle time

Child's view point(End of the day interactive session)

Life skills

We will instil in children the importance of being safe at home and outdoors.

Children will be taught how best to tackle various unforeseen situations.

Stranger Danger

The value of money

Personal Hygiene

Moral Values and Soft skills

Islamic Education

Moral Studies

Religious values

Respect for others

Sense of belonging

Empathy and Sympathy

Share and care



Children will explore their natural curiosity and develop multiple intelligence through various activities and opportunities.

Exploring and using media and materials

Being imaginative





Art and Craft

Areas of Learning : SOUL

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