The Bubbles and Giggles (BaG) Nursery curriculum is based on a broad range of activities that help to build knowledge and skills and  ensure that the children are  prepared to put a confident step into the future. The Curriculum is theme based.

Aim of the BaG Curriculum

- To provide first hand experiences that encourage the Child to question, investigate and seek solutions.

- To develop a home/school partnership as a basis for successful education in which the parents share responsibilities with the school and play a major part as co-educators of their child.

- To develop the child's confidence, self-knowledge, skills and attitudes towards learning which will enable him/her to grow towards being a caring, responsible member of the wider community and a Global citizen.

- To enhance each Child’s awareness and appreciation of cultures, including their own.

 The BaG Curriculum is built around the EYFS and Montessori Framework.

Curriculum supported by “SLOW AND STEADY GET ME READY”- By June R. Oberlander

BaG Curriculum

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