There are 3 working terms in an academic year   

September - December (4 months)   

January - March (3 months)   

April - June (3 months)   

Fees are payable monthly or term wise.

Parents are requested to pay the fees by the first week of the month or at the beginning of the term (first week) either by cash or cheque drawn in favour of the Nursery.  

Parents paying their fees by cheque are required to write their child’s name, class name and registration number on the back of their cheque before handing it to nursery staff.  

Fees are payable in cases of absence and there is no reduction for sickness or holidays taken during any week the nursery is open.

If a child has to leave in exceptional circumstances, four weeks written notice must be given to the nursery.  In any case, if the child attends the nursery for a minimum of 5 days in a month, full month fees shall be payable.

Fees Payment Information

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