We aim to present all children with a code of behaviour. We promote the development of a sense of right and wrong behaviour by teaching your child the appropriate way to act and discouraging unacceptable behaviour.

Sometimes it is necessary to help children understand their own boundaries in certain situations, explaining why we do not accept certain behaviour and to exercise firm and consistent restraint.

At NO time during disciplining your child would staff use physical punishment, e.g. smacking, shaking or slapping and it is our belief that using negative words like “bad” and “naughty” are unhelpful and leave no room for improvement.

If a child presents at any time with unacceptable behaviour, staff will approach the situation in the following way:

(a) intervene at the time of conflict in order to establish the cause of upset;

(b) talk to the children involved to gauge their feelings and reactions to the situation;

(c) ask each child how they/the other must be feeling so that both may realise that it is not just one person involved;

(d) in younger children who are not yet able to reason diversionary tactics, distraction would be used at this time;

(e) where possible staff will anticipate and defuse difficult situations before disagreements arise that children might find hard to handle.

Behaviour Modification Policy

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