We organise meal and snack times so that they are social occasions in which children and staff participate.We use meal and snack times to help children develop independence through making choices, serving food and drink and feeding themselves.

We have fresh drinking water constantly available for the children. We inform the children about how to obtain the water and that they can ask for water at any time during the session/day.

To protect children from food allergies, we have rules about children sharing and swapping their food with each other.

We advise the parent to provide milk  or juice available in tetra pacs ( 125 ml).

Packed lunches

We follow a policy of healthy eating;

We encourage parents to provide healthy, freshly cooked food and lots of fruit,We discourage packed lunch contents that consist largely of crisps, processed foods, sweet drinks and sweet products such as cakes or biscuits.

We ensure staff sit with children to eat their lunch so that the mealtime is a social occasion.

Food and Drink Policy

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