Availability and Location of EpiPens

Parents of an anaphylactic Child must provide a minimum of two (2) EpiPens to be left at the Nursery.

The Parent must promptly replace the EpiPens when the expiry date is reached. Because some children are too young to carry their own EpiPen, the two (2) EpiPens will be stored in the first aid cupboard in the sick room.

Both EpiPens will be placed into a small coloured zippered bag and will be clearly labelled with the Child’s name, class, EpiPen expiry dates, specific allergy and a picture of the Child.

All staff are made aware of its location, and the location is recorded on the allergy alert form.

-  A posters describing the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and the use of the EpiPen are posted in the sick room and the staff room.

- Children who are no longer allergic, or no longer require an EpiPen, must present a letter of explanation from their doctor or allergist so their name may be removed from the Nursery’s allergy lists.

- The Parent will check the EpiPens monthly to ensure they have not reached their expiry date. If the EpiPen has expired, the Parent will be required to supply another by the next day of class.


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