In the event of it being necessary to change a child’s nappy, the following procedures will be followed.

In order to care for the children’s physical needs we ask that parents/carers:

1. Make sure that children arrive at pre-school wearing a clean nappy or trainer pants

2. Provide nappies, cream, wipes and bags for soiled nappies so that if it is necessary to change the child their individual needs can be met

3. Bring to our notice or discuss any issues arising from the policy with the Nursery either by telephone or through the parent Forum  

Policy :The pre-school will ensure that…

 1. Only a trained nanny will change children’s nappies or trainer pants

2. Children’s nappies or pants will be changed in a private, designated area which complies with Health, Hygiene and Safety regulations

3. Although this area is private, it is not secret and the member of staff can still be easily seen and heard by other staff members

4. The designated area/mats etc. will be cleaned before and after a child is changed with a suitable child friendly disinfectant cleaner .

5. A child will never be left alone on the changing mat

6. Staff will wear clean disposable gloves for each child

7. Appropriate hand washing facilities will be available for the adult and the child and hands will be washed using anti-bacterial soap and dried thoroughly with a paper towel after completing the procedure.

8. The child’s privacy will be respected at all times during nappy changing

9. If the parent/carer has any queries or concerns about this procedure they should talk to their child’s key worker or any other member of staff .

Things to be sent for nappy changing at the beginning of every month.

1. Pack of 30 nappies. (When they are nearly over parent will be informed to send the next pack by the next day).

2. Disposable bags.

3. Wet wipes. . (When they are nearly over parent will be informed to send the next pack by the next day).

4. Nappy rash cream/petroleum jelly (if the parent requires it).

Nappy Changing and toilet training policy

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