It is our policy to use photographs taken in the nursery to support the children's learning and also to record children's individual progress. Photographs recorded in the Nursery as part of a normal day are taken using a digital camera and are only taken by members of the staff team. These photographs will be uploaded in the Nursery website/mobile App or printed on Nursery literature and documents. Photographs that are uploaded will be available to the parents through the Parent Portal. Third party websites like Picasa Web will also be used for storing and sharing of photographs with the parent community. Additional photographs or images may be taken of children as part of the work of the Nursery and may be taken by an outside photographer or other parents (during the celebrations or other events the nursery may have) Should a parent prefer their child not to take part or be included in photographs, then they should state this in writing.

Photographs/videos are taken to:
• support the learning of each child's individual record
• illustrate work on display around the nursery building.

Photographs may also be taken in the following ways:
• At times, photos of children in nursery will be taken to promote a particular event/activity.

Parent's use of cameras/videos in nursery
Parents/carers will be invited to record their child's inclusion in group events, festivals and other celebrations through the use of photographs or video on the understanding that they will not publish any material on the Internet as the Nursery has no control over these images once they are in the public domain.

We will ensure that the children of parents/carers who do not wish their child to be photographed or videoed are provided with other activities. At no time are staff permitted to bring in a camera from home, nor use their mobile phones in the Nursery rooms.

Photography and Video Policy

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