This may occur when :

1.  The child has reached the age limit.

2. Failure to enrol after registration within five days without contact or prior notification.

3. If, despite best efforts, a child fails to settle down in the Nursery, the contract may be terminated with immediate effect at the sole discretion of the Nursery administration.

4. Parents/carers wishing to terminate their registration must give four weeks notice in writing or through e-mail to the Nursery administration.

5. If a Parent wants to reduce the number of days attended, 4 week notice is also required by the Nursery.

6.  Non payment of monthly fees.

7.  Non payment of Seat Retention Fee in case of long leave.

    8.  Frequent and long leave of absence.

9.  Failure to comply with Nursery's policies

10.  Unacceptable behaviour of Parent.

Termination of registration

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